This technique was recently developed this, by the physiotherapist Roberto Pellegrini, and it’s a union of an original method of the US and the knowledge on the fascia of the French Marcel Bienfait.

Apparently easy to perform, requires precision in the knowledge of muscular anatomical topography.

It's a great myorelaxant, regenerating, relaxing and draining massage with immediate effects.
Mainly used in sports and rehabilitation, it is also perfect for people who just want to relax.


Unlike other types of massage, this technique does not work "on the muscles" but "between the muscles" that is on the superficial fascia that cover them, freeing it from any adhesions, stagnation and fibrosis, which can be of traumatic, or postural or emotional origin. For this reason it is very effective and immediate.

The immediate benefits are the feelings of being more loose, lighter, breathe better, move better, have less pain, be more balanced.

A massage can be all over the body, or only on the affected area (legs, shoulders and neck).
It is practiced on a beauty bed, on the skin with the help of oil or cream.

Myofascial treatments are suspended throughout the Covid-19 emergency period

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