The ancient Japanese art that helps to recover and maintain the well-being

"Learn the art of Shiatsu gave me the opportunity to bring balance in my energy system at a deep level, and uphold my personal health and my well-being.
Practice it gave me the opportunity to put to the service of life and the other one of my natural gifts."

Federica Spaziani


"Balance the Ki means to realize the unity of body and mind and understand the energy flows of the body to guide them in harmony with the flow from the source ...
make or receive a Shiatsu treatment is one of the highest forms of communication"

Akinobu Kishi

"Each treatment is a new adventure both for those who receive it and for those who practice it.
It is the meeting between matter (body) and spirit (energy)"

Federica Spaziani

The treatments are indicated for:


  • joint and muscle pain
  • tensions, contractures and strains
  • physical tiredness
  • menstrual disorders
  • headaches and hemicrania
  • digestive and / or bowel problems
  • structural, postural and motor problems
  • back pain, neck pain
  • arthrosis and arthritis
  • support during pregnancy


  • mental tiredness
  • heaviness or confusion in the head
  • states of anxiety, depression
  • insomnia, breathlessness, stress
  • nervous tension
  • integration of physical and emotional trauma (mourning, accidents, losses)
  • emotional imbalance


  • connection with our center
  • increase of bodily awareness and knowledge
  • improve the relationship with ourselves

If asintomatologia, it is great for spending time to the care of own health.

A treatment is always all over the body, with particular attention to areas that are priorities in relation to the recipient's needs.
It is practiced on the ground on a futon or on a comfortable beauty bed and it is made on clothes.
Shiatsu does not in any way replace medical therapy.

The benefits range from increased joint and muscle agility, to the reduction and improvement in pain,
to a postural re-balancing, up to a general sense of well-being that manifests as more vitality, increased mental clarity, mood enhancement and greater harmony.


Generally is indicated for:

- disorders aggravated by humidity and cold as arthritis, rheumatism, neck pain, sciatica, low back pain and joint pain;
- Traumatic causes, muscle contractures, lumbago,
whiplash, wryneck, epicondylitis, tendinitis;
- Enable the properties of the tsubo, or acupoints, especially in cases of cold limbs, diarrhea, constipation, difficult digestion, fatigue, hemorrhoids, lung and respiratory problems (eg asthma);
- Chronic problems that have sedimented, slow metabolism;
- During pregnancy it is an essential tool in the event of a breech baby to turn the child into the cephalic position, as well as to stimulate specific points that encourage childbirth (points to treat only near or during childbirth);
- Preventive: to stay healthy especially in the elderly;
- Emergency situations: cramps, strains, toothache, insect bites.

It is not recommended for individuals with very high body temperatures or with arterial hypertension.
They should also avoid women during menstruation and children under ten years of age.

Shiatsu treatments are suspended throughout the Covid-19 emergency period

By appointment
in Castiglion Fibocchi and in Arezzo