Yoga Kundalini

“The Yoga of awareness.
Yoga for people who work, who have a family and who are subjected to everyday stress. "
Yogi Bhajan



Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan®, is the Yoga of awareness that helps to find vitality and well-being through a path of harmonious and delicate practices, but at the same time invigorating and fortifying.
It is one of the currents of Yoga born over 20,000 years ago, transmitted only orally until the 1960s, which aims at the full realization of human health through physical, respiratory, meditative, postural, movement, mantra and relaxation practices.

It is a dynamic yoga which combines breathing with the movement or position of the body.
A discipline that acts directly on the flow of energy through breathing exercises, dynamic physical exercises, positions and meditation.

It is the ideal style for people who want to experience the well-being derived from exercise, combined with the long-term benefits of a relaxed and elevated consciousness.
It is one of the most complete and fastest yogic disciplines in achieving results.

Use a wide variety of tools and methods to facilitate the practitioner's connection to your Higher Self:
Asana - static or dynamic positions;
Kriya specific exercise sequences;
Pranayama - breath control;
Mudra - positions of the hands and fingers;
Mantra - ancient "sounds", grouped into simple syllables or more complex words, which form real sound formulas;
Dhyana or Meditation - "Your power, as a person, lies in this ability to listen to your mind and put yourself in command over your mind without being continually distracted and engaged." (Yogi Bhajan);
Drishti - focused gaze.

Why practice Kundalini Yoga:
- practical reasons: increasing strength (physical and mental), overcoming stress, becoming more elastic, learning to relax, working on breathing, toning and strengthening muscles, having good memory and mental clarity;
- therapeutic reasons: treating any health problems (back pain, headache, stomach pain, etc.), detoxifying, purifying, strengthening the nervous system;
- prevention: keeping the body-mind system vigorous, vital and young, preventing natural cell aging.

The BENEFITS of regular practice are reflected on the psycho-physical level.

more flexibility
decrease or disappearance of pain
posture improvement
improvement of lung capacity, lymphatic drainage
improvement of the functioning of the immune and circulatory systems
invigoration of the central and peripheral nervous systems, digestive, lymphatic and intestinal
purification and fortification of tissues and organs
balancing of the glandular system
increased vitality and strength

deep relaxation
greater emotional balance
greater clarity and presence
increase in intuition and awareness
decrease in stress and anxiety
greater self-control
internal conflict resolution
improvement of the discipline
increased tranquility
elimination of bad habits

With regular practice, the body and breathing are strengthened, posture and lung capacity improve, as well as intestinal functions, lymphatic drainage, and the body's systems (immune, cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, digestive).
A state of greater self-control and self-discipline, increased vitality, mental peace, emotional stability, better concentration and deep inner calmness are obtained, and it is possible to cope with situations of stress, change or conflict in a more creative and less reactive way .

Calendar 2019-2020

c/o  Sat Narayan Center

time 18.00-19.30
time 21.00-22.30
Relax and Renew

Cral San Donato Hospital c/o Pionta gym
Monday - time 16-17
Joints and spine

Bring a mat, pillow and comfortable clothes
It is possible to enter the course at any time of the year.
The course can be followed in its entirety or as individual meetings according to your needs.

In this Covid-19 emergency period, Yoga courses are online.
Schedules for the month of July
Tuesday 07 July from 18.30 to 19.30 - Meditation
Tuesday 14 July from 18.30 to 19.30 - Meditation

"Flexibility triumphs over stiffness, weakness on strength.
What is malleable is always greater than that which is immovable.
This is the principle that control of the things you get by working with them,
supremacy through adaptability

Lao Tse